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serial #617, 22 LR, 10" barrel with an excellent bore. This fine early example was manufactured in 1927 and retains 97% original high luster blue finish exhibiting a bit of graying on the left side of the muzzle and on the ejector rod. The upper surface of the frame has a matte finish. The ejector rod head shows a good amount of its original case colors. The horizontal surfaces of the hammer show clean original blue finish. The checkered walnut Colt medallion grips are in excellent condition showing light wear to the points. An excellent example of one of Colt's few single shot cartridge models. (1996-19) {C&R} (1500/2000)
SOLD FOR $2875.00

45 Cal., massive 30" part octagon part round barrel with a bright excellent bore. Barrel retains an even mix of original blue and faded gray brown. Under flat of barrel is marked "1 made by E.F. Herman. for Milo. B. Taylor. 1954. .45 Cal." top flat is marked ".. Gerom1no.. / ..Apatche.." (evidently spelling was not high on the list of prerequisites for California muzzleloading gunsmiths) and "..Milo B Taylor.". Elmer Herman was a famous muzzleloader barrel maker in California. Milo B. Taylor was referred to as the "Dean of the California Slug Shooters" and evidently was a muzzleloading gunsmith of the 50s-60s. Ray Day is seen shooting this gun in a February 1965 article in "The Firing Line"; he evidently shot a match target with this arm as well. Top of the gun is drilled and tapped for and wears steel target blocks, the gun is fitted with a false muzzle. The bottom of the gun features a unique ignition system which features a threaded cap, inside which there is a "firing pin". In the bottom of the ignition well is the vent hole, one would almost think this gun would utilize standard rifle primer as its ignition source. The underside of the barrel is drilled and tapped for an aluminum benchrest. The stock is a simple grade of American black walnut, it is high comb, the left side of which is relieved as a cheekrest; although Day is pictured shooting it right-handed; it has an odd old recoil pad screwed to it, the addition of a modern nonslip professionally fitted rifle pad would make this gun look much nicer. The gun comes with a complete complement of accessories including plunger style bullet seater, two bullet molds, powder funnel, numerous small paper patches (for cross patching your projectile), cross patch cutter and lots of rag bond patch material, powder measure and 62 cast projectiles. It is purported that the barrel of this gun was made from a railroad boxcar axle-although that seems implausible. Gun weighs 48 pounds. (Extra shipping will apply). (1915-107) {ANTIQUE} [Ray Day Collection] (1500/2000) SOLD FOR $1840.00
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